Animal Crossing

This Is Not A Guide: Filling Up Your Animal Crossing New Horizons Island

Preface: I don’t write guides or anything but I feel like I’ve been able to answer a good handful of questions about people moving villagers in or out so I’m compounding everything I’ve learned here for easy reading.

I have some speculation about recruiting villagers so if you have any data that supports or disproves any of those pieces feel free to @ me on twitter so I can update this post! We ain’t about that misinformation life

LAST UPDATE: 4/3/2020. Please note if you provide me with new info I cannot update this right away as I am not on my computer all the time lol.

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Battle Chef Brigade

[First Impressions] Battle Chef Brigade

After wanting this game since I saw the trailer for it like a year ago, I picked it up because it was on sale at the store. It’s just the right amount of casual for me so far! When I described it to my husband as, “you fight monsters then make delicious dishes with their ingredients…!”

At the same time we said, “Like Dungeon Meshi!”

Even though he doesn’t read Dungeon Meshi. :’D (I talk about it so often he basically… does…)

Anyway, Kal & I played up to chapter 2, and it’s been a blast so far!

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Collar x Malice · Otome games

[First Impressions] Collar x Malice

After finishing Code Realize: Wintertide (which I am still writing a post for) I felt the urge to keep my little otoge marathon going (as I had grinded most of C:R in the span of two days). So! To not lose steam, I quickly picked up one of the three Vita otoge I had lying around (since like, 2017) – Collar x Malice was something I saw that had a pretty solid fanbase on Twitter, so I played the first chapter to get a feel for it.

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