Life Lessons: Building A PC Befitting A Princess

My setup vs. my husband’s setup… why are we basic.

I have never built a PC in my life, nor had I ever entertained or even researched the idea. I had no idea where to start, what to get, how to put it together, etc. I was resigned to buying pre-made towers or laptops for the rest of my ignorant life. Luckily, I married a man who will only ever build his PC, and insisted it was like assembling Lego sets – and I do love Legos! He also recently built his, and when he showed me his 5-second startup time, I was astonished. You mean not all computers have to take a minute or five to boot up? WHAT? I had seen the light.

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Life Lessons: Learning to Take it Slow from Yusuke Kozaki

In mid-November I was lucky enough to attend a workshop at Gallery Nucleus in LA, featuring one of my most favorite illustrators and biggest inspirations – Yusuke Kozaki!

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