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[Review] Shall We Date? Obey Me!

I’m gonna preface this with, I don’t particularly love mobile games.

I go in expecting nothing and usually get bored very quickly. I don’t take them seriously, I don’t care about building my team or completing story or anything like that. I don’t care about end-game content. I don’t care about ranking high or collecting every single card/character/unit/whathaveyou. A quick stroll down my history with them will give us a glimpse at my real priorities (feel free to skip this if you don’t want to hear me roast ur fav. LOL):

  • Love Live/Ensemble Stars/Idolish7/etc. – I’m lumping these all together bc my experience with them is basically the same with every one LOL. Played in high school/early uni bc cute characters. Ranking events are hell and I’m tired. Fans can get very insane
  • Fate Grand Order – Has a good story and stellar character designs. But once again, character rates are Bad bc they refuse to separate the craft essence pool, game play gets stale after a while. Dropped it so I’ll just admire the Ozymandias fig on my desk – literally the only reason I cared for the game. No pity rolls or pick tickets like other games, so also predatory af lmao
  • Granblue Fantasy – Picked up for the great art. I only play story when I need crystals, am on like chapter 40 something, and I skip all the cutscenes bc the story puts me to sleep. I pick it up when there are free rolls (which there are a decent amount of every year) and drop it again once those finish up.
  • Puzzles and Dragons – Picked it up for the cute art! Played it seriously for a bit. Rolled a lot in it. Dropped it because it got boring and the meta changes so much I can’t be bothered every time. Bastet best girl forever tho
  • Love Nikki – Picked it up because it’s literally Me The Gameโ„ข. A pink-haired, himecut heroine you get to dress up in gorgeous outfits! Great art. I pick it up again when I get bored? It’s just a pretty clothing collection game – I already do that irl. I also hate the ranking events, and the game could use way more diversity lol
  • Fire Emblem Heroes – I basically only care about characters from like 2 of the Fire Emblem games so I can’t really get invested in everyone else. LOL Also the fact you can’t multiroll at once is so tedious. The nail in the coffin is when they killed Sharena. I also don’t like the addition of fairies, they seem out of place… I got bored of it and dropped it years ago. Still, thank you for the delicious beach Frederick art.
  • Mystic Messenger – Good game, decent art (it’s improved since they redid some of the CGs LOL). Took over my life when it was released. Maybe I’ll go 100% it one of these days, but I’m still not a fan of getting pinged at 5 in the morning @@ I miss u V
  • Dragalia Lost – Probably the only mobile game I’ve genuinely 100% liked the gameplay of! Fantastic art, great music, thank you Daoko. Fantastic quality of life features. But too much grinding similar to Granblue if you want to do any of the end content. I have better shit to do w my life lmaoooo when I realized how much of my time I was dedicating to do dailies and grind mats and play the events I was like hmm. *sims minus minus icon*
  • Kingdom Hearts Union Cross or whatever – I was given someone else’s old account to play around with. The UI and graphics are cute but that’s about all I can say about it? Also extremely extremely pay to win so that’s annoying and very gatekeepy
  • Bandori: Girl’s Band Party! – I play still but only as a rhythm game to tap tap when I’m bored. I do not do the events or roll in the gacha anymore, I don’t do multi-lives anymore either LOL. Generally plays very similarly to Love Live, bc same company (Bushiroad). I just hop on to play songs I like by myself then put it down again.

So in general, please don’t take my account here as at all reliable in terms of end game content or knowledgeable in terms of gameplay quality. I only care about good art and hot characters lol

Obey Me is done by popular mobile-otoge publisher Shall We Date?, who has put out other mobile otome games in the past. I’ve never played any because my brain doesn’t like to wait/pay for chapters. I picked it up because it had hella good art. I did think it would be an otome game, but it is not. It’s closer to an idol game similar to Ensemble Stars or Love Live. That was kind of disappointing to me, but I got past it. (But don’t advertise it as an otome game if it isn’t!!!)

What kept me playing was the story. Like, the story is actually really good. Probably the best I’ve read in any of the mobile games I’ve tried. I think what was so appealing about it was that while we play the main character, most of the issues in the story don’t even revolve around you. By not making everything about you, the other characters get depth and a level of interaction not all present in some other games. It’s about you helping to bridge the gaps between the other characters until eventually they all adore you – and that’s fun, of course. Who wouldn’t want seven hot guys who all want your attention?

Fun & Positive:

  • The main character is never gendered. Whether you identify as male, female, enby – the game will never misgender you, because the way its written it always finds a way to never refer to you as a pronoun. And it’s not forceful, either – I didn’t even notice it until someone else pointed it out. I find this very inclusive and hope more games adjust their writing to be like this in the future (if there’s no option to select pronouns).
  • The UI is just very appealing. It’s set up similar to Mystic Messenger where the interface looks like apps on a phone or tablet. Being as familiar we all are with technology, it’s very easy to get used to and just nice to look at. The animations are smooth too. (Then again, I play on an iPad – I think the difference in hardware between that and a mobile phone are a bit significant, so if you’re playing mobile, things may run a bit differently.)
  • Like Ensemble Stars & Bandori (and I think modern-day Love Live?), you can unlock outfits for the characters to wear on the home screen. That’s fun. I love dress up. (They are a bit expensive/require some work, tho!)
  • I think it’s due to the nicheness of the fandom but the fanbase has never struck me as being as mm, intense as other idol fanbases. Or maybe I just don’t follow enough people who are into it? Like people even on the reddit, a website that generally has a reputation for having 0 chill, are chill. Wowza!
  • Like Love Nikki & Dragalia, there is the “quick play” feature that will let you expend your stamina to “play” a level without actually making you play it – and you still reap the rewards, good for material grinding. Thank god. I don’t think I can stomach mobile games without these features anymore, I’m just too self-conscious about the amount of time I invest in them s:
  • The ability to get rare cards is less affected by the amount of money you spend on the gacha. Some SSR cards come in “pieces” that drop from standard, free, normal stages. It would take a while, but if you’re set on being F2P it’s more accessible than other games where a majority of the SSRs must be rolled.
  • Pity system! Thanks to the amount of insane credit whales have dropped on other games I’ve mentioned here (*looks at FGO/pre-spark GBF*), many mobile games have been implementing pity systems to avoid them lawsuits and government crackdowns LOL. Like in Fire Emblem Heroes and Dragalia Lost, Obey Me gives you a pity system in the form of the pieces above. But unlike in FEH & DL, the reward is a set reward, rather than a random pick from a pool of 5 stars. When you obtain enough pieces, you will be able to “make” the UR card from that banner. This is great if you want the banner UR (especially since URs have the lowest drop rate!), not so much if you wanted one of the other banner SSRs. But I think it’s preferable over FEH/DL’s method of giving you a random five star from the entire pool of possible five stars, lol – less chances of getting a dupe.

Ugh, I Sleep:

  • Since it is basically a card-collection game, there is a gacha. I can’t tell you how tired I felt when I found out there was a gacha. In its defense, the gacha screen + animation is so fire, I can sort of forgive it. I really like occultist themes in fiction – so when I saw the summoning screen was styled after a Ouija board, I was very excited. I love watching it every time! It’s so cool! Why am I so damn easy!
  • The premium currency seems expensive – the community as a whole seems to agree that the game just keeps asking for more and more money – as seen by the point cap to earn event SSRs constantly increasing, forcing players to expend more stamina (see: buy more stamina) just to earn the event SSRs. Compared to Bandori, where a few days of expending your normal amount of stamina regularly can earn you that event SSR very quickly, this seems predatory af.

Some very quick numerical comparisons for those of you who like graphs & numbers better.

UR (or equivalent) Character Drop RateHow Much to Buy a 10 Roll?Pity Rate?
Obey Me1%~$23 USDYes – Specific
Dragalia Lost~2%~$25 USDYes – Random
Love Live1%~$30 USDSimilar*
Fate Grand Order1%~$29 USDNo
Granblue Fantasy3%~$33 USD?Similar*
these numbers are general ones from the wiki.

*I believe after I quit, Love Live implemented a sticker system that lets you trade rare cards for other rare cards. I would say it’s similar to the moon system in Granblue where if you roll enough dupes you can buy a card (R-SSR) with them?

*Granblue Fantasy has a spark system where after 300 rolls on the same banner, you can pick an SSR to take home. A spark from scratch will cost you around $830 USD.

So why is it, that with Obey Me being the cheapest of the list here to buy rolls for, people are complaining it’s one of the most expensive?

When I browsed the reddit and saw many many complaints of it being expensive I was a bit curious & confused. I didn’t think it was expensive compared to other games I’ve played. Perhaps the demographic it attracts has less experience with predatory mobage than I do. Perhaps it has to do with the frequency we get freebies – I would say Obey Me is more generous with free mats/currency than LL/FGO, but less generous than DL & GBF (is that the Cygames influence?). It’s hard to say. Draw your own conclusions, since “expensive” is different for everyone.


I participated semi-hardcore in one of the recent events, Paws n’ Claws (the one where everyone got animal ears – predictable). The SSR reward was loveofmylife Beel with lion ears, so I went all in the night the event dropped. When I went to sleep, I was rank 9. When I woke up, I was 26 or something. Not bad, not as insane as say Love Live or Bandori where after I went to sleep (and I sleep for like 10-15 hours) I’d wake up like a thousand+ spots from where I had been.

I don’t think it’s too hard to rank up, but, this sort of ranking is hard to keep up if you don’t spend money daily. I dropped maybe $250 on stamina/points packs the night it dropped so I could grab Beel ASAP, but I wanted to see how low I’d stay if I didn’t drop any more money. I believe I finished the event around rank 1,000+. Which is sad, yeah, but in general I do not take events that seriously. (I don’t take anything seriously, really.)

(I am still kicking myself for getting lazy when I only had 15 points to go to get that UR Lucifer though ;___; )

So close but so far. I’m sorry

So if you have maybe $50-$100 to drop on the daily, sure, ranking well in events is doable. I remember the top ranker in a previous event had a thread on reddit where people asked how she did it – she sounded like a normal person who just had decent disposable income and stimulus checks had just gone out, so. I think it’s way more doable than other idol games, though I can’t say it will stay that way for long. I think the game is always growing – currently it’s ranked at #2 in the United States Google Play store for role-playing games, and in general its iOS ranking stays within top 50. So it’s likely the bar to rank well will only increase as we get more players 9 w 9

Additionally, I did mention earlier that the point requirement for the rewards seem to just be increasing with each event, meaning you have to buy more stamina. In Bandori, you can just play regularly and earn the SSR card, but not so with Obey Me. You actually have to try. (Hilda voice) You’re making me wooooork ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

But Where is the ROMANCE

You essentially have to invent it yourself.

Despite this being from a company who normally produces otoge and being marketed as an otome game, it’s very minimally otome. There are dialogue options you choose in the story scenes just like in a normal otoge, but that’s about it. What you say has little affect on how the story goes; just some answers will boost your affection level with a certain character. (Never decrease it though – I guess you can never do any wrong in the eyes of seven demons LOL)

What does affection level affect?

Similar to Mystic Messenger, it just unlocks extra chats (text message conversations) or phone calls with the character in question. They’re cute, but so far I haven’t experienced anything heart-pounding… am I just hard to please?

There are a few sections at the end of the story where you get cuddly with the characters but there are no CGs. I wish there were at least CGs for the romantic moments. That would have made things feel so much more satisfying LOL but I get you can’t have that if you have a self-insert main character. Fine. I’m an artist. I can remedy this myself.

Is the VIP status worth it?

Short answer? Not really. While the extra rewards are very nice and the extra EXP helps to level up a little bit, I would say my game experience wasn’t vastly improved for the month I tried out VIP. You get a cool little banner under your name that says VIP which everyone seems impressed with, but unless you hardcore want to squeeze as much out of this game as possible, it’s really not needed. Especially for a subscription price of $10 a month. The biggest perk is having extra slots that let you work more jobs for the coin currency, Grimm, which is used to level up cards. Once you get past level 40+, leveling cards gets rather expensive. But for someone like me who isn’t worried about leveling cards as fast and hard as I can, I don’t really need it!

I think what would have made it more palatable for me if it was structured similarly to the Love Nikki VIP system. Once you spend a certain amount of money, your VIP tier increases and you get the rewards for that tier on a consistent schedule. No subscription, once you get there you stay there. The more money you spend, the better your tier is, and the more extras you get. It seems a little pay to win, but if you really want a VIP system, I think it’s a much more player-friendly model than a subscription.

The only thing I didn’t like about the Love Nikki system is that when my VIP rank was decently high and my friends could easily see I be spending money money on it. :’D IT’S ALSO A CALLOUT BANNER

All in All

The game in general took a lot of features I appreciated from other games, and did not take on the features I did not like, which I’m glad for. While I don’t typically like idol games this one is casual enough for me to enjoy. I won’t be ranking seriously and I don’t roll hella like I used to do for other mobile games, but maybe I’ve just chilled out with age.

The most enjoyable feature is the boys ofc, the fact that in the end they all just love you and want your attention is the best. You can literally kiss them all and there are zero repercussions. I love that for me. Otome games never give you poly options. I get to have all of them. :3 Their personalities are all so different there’s a flavor for everyone, but the fan favorites seem to align with my own: Beelzebub, Mammon, & Lucifer.

Sometimes I forget to play it but I don’t feel bad or punished when I do. With some mobage it’s so easy to fall behind in terms of team growth (*looks at Dragalia*) but with this one I don’t feel the same kind of pressure. I finished the main story in like a week with a team of like level 50 units (which is not that hard to obtain). I’m looking forward to more story though!! I hope the rest of the writing will be just as good as the writing to this point.

There’s also no team play like in Granblue/Dragalia (raids) or Bandori (multi-lives) so I never have to feel like I’m holding anybody else back by not being on top of my game. I’m really not about that life.

Would I recommend this game? Yes, as long as you can accept the idol game aspects and lack of otome situations. Boys hot, cards pretty, they all adore u, gameplay is tolerable even for someone like me with 0 motivation or attention span for anything requiring even the tiniest bit of effort.

I’m no pro, but if you have any other questions about Obey Me, feel free to @ me on twitter. ๐Ÿ™‚

Go get that demon d!!

I hope my mother never finds this post.

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