Battle Chef Brigade

[First Impressions] Battle Chef Brigade

After wanting this game since I saw the trailer for it like a year ago, I picked it up because it was on sale at the store. It’s just the right amount of casual for me so far! When I described it to my husband as, “you fight monsters then make delicious dishes with their ingredients…!”

At the same time we said, “Like Dungeon Meshi!”

Even though he doesn’t read Dungeon Meshi. :’D (I talk about it so often he basically… does…)

Anyway, Kal & I played up to chapter 2, and it’s been a blast so far!

The main appeal of this game for me was the art style & animation. Though I can’t typically stomach side-scrollers, this one uses sprites and scenes that aren’t at all stiff and retro (which is how I generally feel about side-scrollers). Rather, the characters emote fluidly and their movements are generally very animated. I love it!

Battle Chef Brigade began as a Kickstarter project with a goal of around $40k. They smashed right over it and made closer to $100k! Since it was the art style that initially drew me in, I did some research on the artist, Eric Huang, & found he’s a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I can definitely see the influence in his work in BCB *__* Something about Mina definitely reminds me of how expressive Korra was. Not a bad thing — I honestly wish more games were made in this style! It’s the happy medium between western and eastern animation styles that ATLA was able to capture so well. It makes me almost want to make a BCB chef-sona (or an OC set in this universe, if you’re unfamiliar with the -sona culture amongst artists)… I hope Trinket will make more games in the future utilizing this fun, colorful style.

Anyway, gameplay: It’s juuuust the right amount of puzzle for me. I haven’t touched orb-type gameplay since I played Puzzles & Dragons (on mobile) years ago, and I never really thought myself good at it. But for this game, it doesn’t feel too overwhelming so far. Maybe because the ‘orb’ (gems in-game) field is a easily-palatable like. 5×5. It’s really small! Not at all overwhelming!

We’ll see if my opinion changes when I get to harder levels. :’P

(Kal was always infinitely waaaay better than me at P&D, so ofc, he finds this game relatively easy so far, whereas I am a bit of a slow learner…)

There’s a few different modes to tackle during one in-game day.

Puzzles – The local crazy cat man has you finish some dishes off for him, wherein you basically have to combine all the gems as far as possible + properly. A good way to learn the game, because there isn’t any time limit. I like this mode! The BGM has cats meowing and stuff!

Hunting – You basically head out into the wilderness with your hunting instructor and go beat things up. Sounds easy on paper, but I always forget which buttons do what, so I’m rather bad at combat still LOL. I always fall off ledges and press dodge instead of attack or forget I’m out of MP or whatnot…

Line Cook – Basically you have to match the gem diagrams (orbs) in a time limit. Thiiiis is the one I dislike the most because my brain just can’t comprehend how to adjust these, and the time limit makes me anxious haha. Because of the pressure to complete as many orders as fast as you can, this mode does teach you to be speedy, but again I’m not so good at it so _( :3 L I suffer instead… sometimes Kal tries to tell me how to solve it and I still don’t understand LOL. I feel like this one is more suited to be called “puzzle” than the other mode.

There’s local multiplayer & other modes in the game, but I haven’t tried them out yet. After story mode we’ll take a look!



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