Hello and Welcome!

I have a few review posts already in my drafts but I think I’ll schedule those for later on…! I just wanted to say hello~

My humble… abode?! (Kidding… kind of? This is our FC house but I’m the only one who manages it, haha.)

Brief history: I’ve run many a blog in my past, for many of my interests! Anime/manga, personal life, taobao/shopping hauls (lmao), askblogs, artblogs, games, etc. I couldn’t even count all the blogs I have had on one hand. I could maybe, on two? This year I think I’ve been giving myself more time to enjoy games again, and in doing that, started missing when I wrote about and analyzed them. Since I have no other conventions to prep for for the rest of the year, I decided to start blogging again (in tandem with hopefully, streaming). Why would I write my thoughts down on top of streaming them. you ask?

I did some research on the reception of visual novel streaming, and came to the conclusion (or more, my guess was confirmed) that visual novels are things that are more enjoyable on your own. Streaming them comes with some problems; mostly we all have different reading speeds (I for one, read extremely fast, Kal is always telling me to slow down if he’s reading something with me); some prefer the streamer to read out loud, others hate it; some want to hear different voices for different characters, but I could never do that (*do it well. I could do it poorly if you really wanted me to I guess?! LOL); and some think the point of streaming is for the broadcaster to comment on happenings in the story, whereas others will nope out as soon as they realize it’s not a silent playthrough.

All are valid! But I think with the nicheness (?) of VNs & otome games, I likely won’t opt to stream them automatically unless I’ve been asked to! Which is why I started a blog for those times, when I want to express my thoughts on a game that I didn’t end up streaming – on top of, writing everything down is a lot more concise and thoughtful for me, because I tend to not express myself too well when speaking.

Re: Streaming – I used to stream Splatoon, drawing, and singing! But after getting into Final Fantasy XIV, that dropped. I thought, well, FFXIV seems like it’s such a vast game, very focused on the single player’s story & exploring experience. I thought, that wouldn’t be fun for anybody to watch (though I assure you, my FC mates were definitely entertained by me when we were all in voice chat during my first run of The Vault =w=;;), but! After maybe 4 years in the community and watching it grow I can safely say I was wrong — there are so many FFXIV streamers who all are entertaining and fun in their own ways! And with Shadowbringers here, I know a lot of my friends who finished already are eager to see me… throw wide the gates? Tbh they’re all ready for me to cry and I know it. >>

(Kal voice)
Why in the world did you choose the word ‘affair’?

“Affair” as in: a happening, an experience, an event, an episode, or adventure.
I’m documenting my gaming adventures here, aren’t I!
But yes also affair as in love affair, because I’m a married woman off romancing 2D guys.

(Not that he actually cares. In fact, sometimes when I’m freaking out because of a CG or something, I can always hear him laughing at me from the other room. >> Sometimes he watches ’cause he enjoys seeing the in-game banter too. Sometimes he plays for me when I’m eating so I can keep reading. What a good guy!)

Regardless, I’m enjoying myself so far. Let’s hope I can keep this up for a long time to come, because I have a bad habit of letting myself get too busy and forgetting things. ><;;

See you later!

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