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[First Impressions] Collar x Malice

After finishing Code Realize: Wintertide (which I am still writing a post for) I felt the urge to keep my little otoge marathon going (as I had grinded most of C:R in the span of two days). So! To not lose steam, I quickly picked up one of the three Vita otoge I had lying around (since like, 2017) – Collar x Malice was something I saw that had a pretty solid fanbase on Twitter, so I played the first chapter to get a feel for it.

I don’t know if the fluffiness of C:R Wintertide spoiled me, but chapter 0 of CxM felt so dark and scary, haha… ;; There’s discussion of many murders, and the CGs include blood & dark atmospheres… I’m pretty faint of heart and on top of being tired from this past couple months, I’m feeling a bit apprehensive to continue atm! (I will for Aiji though… dadde)

I know from guide-reading that, like the ever-elusive Lupin from Code:Realize, the (I’m assuming) “true man” of this game, Aiji Yanagi, is not available to woo until you clear all the other routes first. In C:R this was pretty alright, since I do love all the characters, but so far besides Aiji himself, the only other character that I find appealing is Kei Okazaki (above). Kei is a sleepy, mellow-type character that I’m sure is hiding some dark secret side BUT. First impressions matter! Aiji seems like a soft-hearted dad character. I’m not feeling the dokis for seedy director guy (Shiraishi), angry gremlin child (Sasazuka), or um… socially awkward dude (Enomoto). ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

That said I’ll probably keep going anyway because I spent money on these games and I distinctly remember seeing a fanmade powerpoint about it that made me laugh a ton, so I want to have faith!

Edit: Er, I wrote this up quickly last night, but it so happens after I went to sleep last night I was suuuuper plagued with scary dreams that were definitely caused by the themes in this game! Oh no!!! I still… want to play it, but I might have to take it in a bit at a time. ;; Especially if it gets worse…? Does it get worse…? Someone help…

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